Transforming SharePoint into a Unified Information Access Platform

The modern enterprise is struggling to make sense of the structured and unstructured information that is being generated and leveraged in exponentially growing volumes across an increasing variety of application silos. The fragmentation, diversity, and overall in accessibility of this data can lead to a number of suboptimal outcomes, such as the lack of responsiveness to customer inquiries, widespread duplication of effort, general inability to locate and nurture expertise, and decreased employee productivity.

As awareness grows of the challenges posed by the volume, variety, and velocity of content, today’s IT leaders are increasingly evaluating technologies that facilitate access to and consolidation of structured and unstructured content to gain timely insights into various business critical scenarios. One such technology is Unified Information Access (UIA), an advanced implementation of Enterprise Search technology that transcends simple keyword searching to allow for secure, ad hoc interrogation of multiple content sources in a highly targeted and contextually specific manner.

This white paper discusses UIA platforms and applications, and in particular describes how the BA Insight Knowledge Integration Platform transforms SharePoint into a powerful UIA platform, providing capabilities beyond SharePoint 2013 out-of-the-box.