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On-Demand Webinar – Extending the Capabilities of SharePoint: An Interactive Case Study

Apache Corporation was no stranger to the struggle that many enterprises face when it comes to finding content across the enterprise. Wasted time and loss of productivity led them to search for a solution to this ever-growing problem, which resulted in them partnering with BA Insight. As a result, they have been able to extend the capabilities of SharePoint by connecting to more content sources and improving the user experience to improve findability and information access.

Watch this on-demand Q&A webinar featuring Travis Osborne, Director of Information Management at Apache Corporation. Travis will answer questions submitted by your peers, such as:

Who were your business users and what were their expectations?

What type of structured and unstructured content sources have you connected to and how was metadata applied?

How were you able to increase adoption and engagement from difficult business users?

How did you capture business value and evaluate the impact of this value on business operations?