Recommind Decisiv Search

Recommind and BA Insight: Better Together

SharePoint is nearly ubiquitous in enterprises, providing a highly effective portal solution with a large support ecosystem. It is familiar, easy to administer, and allows self-service site and portal creation. Decisiv is a widely used and proven enterprise search technology, built on the CORE (Context Optimized Relevancy Engine) platform, which automatically accesses, organizes and analyzes large volumes of information in context from a myriad of sources. BA Insight integrates these capabilities created by Recommind and adds other distinctive capabilities, giving you the flexibility to use the right tool for the right job. Contact us today to learn more.

Multiply the Value of Decisiv

With BA Insight’s Decisiv integration for SharePoint 2013, Decisiv can be used with out-of-the-box SharePoint portals without reliance on custom software development. And, the BA Insight Software Portfolio provides a comprehensive set of capabilities:

Decisiv as the search engine

  • Replace the embedded SharePoint search engine with Decisiv
  • Fully integrated SharePoint UI

Interact with the Decisiv engine in the same way as the core SharePoint engine

  • No more need for specialized WebParts

Leverage both Decisiv and SharePoint Search engines

  • Mix and match results via Federation

Pre-Built Applications

  • Smart Previews, Visual Refiners, InfoSites, and more

The Right Tool for the Right Job

SharePoint search out-of-the-box does not do everything desired. BA Insight integration with SharePoint adds Decisiv capabilities to provide the following benefits:

  • No customizations needed
  • Results from SharePoint search and Decisiv combined into a single result set and surfaced in corporate portals
  • Enhanced search capabilities by taking advantage of the CORE (Context Optimized Relevancy Engine) platform, which automatically accesses, organizes, and analyzes large volumes of information in context from myriad sources
  • Flexibility to use the search engine within SharePoint, Decisiv, or a hybrid solution comprised of SharePoint search and Decisiv

Already Using Decisiv? Add new capabilities:

A wide range of additional capabilities is added to Decisiv when combined with SharePoint and BA Insight:

Already using SharePoint?  Add new Capabilities

Here are some examples of things you can do using our Decisiv solution that are not possible with native SharePoint:

Concept-based search

Recommind’s CORE is a conceptual engine that provides the most accurate and relevant results available – dramatically reducing instances of false positives and negatives.

Strong language features

The Content Delivery System is just part of Recommind’s information management suite. With solutions ranging from Email Management to complete end to end eDiscovery, Recommind is uniquely positioned to help companies maximize and protect their investments in enterprise systems like SharePoint.

Breadth of Recommind Solutions

Recommind also provides e-Discovery, email management, derivative contract analysis and other solutions which can be integrated with BA Insight and SharePoint.