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BA Insight CEO Massood Zarrabian Helps You Develop a Sound Business Case for Search

Massood Zarrabian

How do you capture a viable return on your search investment? BA Insight CEO Massood Zarrabian joins us today to help you develop a business case to do just that with an emphasis on Return on Value (ROV).

His latest white paper, Internal Search: Developing a Business Case, presents his perspective on the landscape of investment in internal search including the challenges of measuring ROI and the inaccuracy of the methods used historically.  He shares how organizations have found Return on Value (ROV) a better measure to capture the return on their search investments, focusing on the return that comes from having more engaged employees.

We invite you to contact Massood directly via email at to request your own copy of the white paper and start a conversation.

Massood Zarrabia

Massood Zarrabian
CEO, BA Insight