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The Hateful Eight: Portal Risks Every CIO Needs to KnowMoving 150 Bananas per Second and Other Insights from Elastic{ON}17 with Elastic’s Shane Connelly

Shane Connelly and Jeff Fried

Today on the show we present a conversation between BA Insight CTO Jeff Fried and Shane Connelly, Principal Product Manager at Elastic. The two begin their conversation on their rich competitive history that has led them to their current roles in the industry, through great consolidation in the field, to our broader and more accessible search horizons today.

This conversation comes on the heels of Elastic{ON}17 in San Francisco, with resources, keynotes, and demos linked below. Shane introduces us to Elasticsearch and how the Elasticsearch stack faces up against the explosion of data and requirements to access it as the company crests 100 million downloads and beyond.

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Shane Connelly

Shane Connelly
Principal Product Manager