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The Insiders: Neil Hodgkinson & Mikael Svenson Highlight Ignite 2016

Jeff Fried

As promised, we’re continuing our recap of Microsoft Ignite 2016 with two more terrific guests. Neil Hodgkinson is senior program manager at Microsoft in the SharePoint Product Group and Mikael Svenson is principal consultant at Puzzlepart and Partner Technology Solution Professional for Microsoft. Both our guests managed an exhaustive presenter schedule at the conference. As such, we open our conversation by assessing the key messages critical to adoption and implementation coming from the engineering teams, and how well they feel those messages were received.

Hybrid, the cloud, Azure, Intelligence, and even Delve are all on the table as our guest experts share their wisdom and excitement for both what was announced at Ignite, and what brilliant partners will be building on top of these platforms next.

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Neil Hodgkinson

Mikael Svenson

Mikael Svenson

Jeff Fried
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