NGAGE Enterprise Analytics Platform

Unparalleled insight into user interaction across multiple systems

Employees are customers too

Keeping them engaged requires you to deliver solutions that let them do their jobs efficiently and improves the overall productivity of the enterprise. The NGAGE Enterprise Analytics Platform provides the insight needed to accomplish more with the key systems used across the enterprise. Organizations receive unprecedented information and detail around how corporate applications are leveraged and delivering value to users, increasing user engagement and adoption.


Drive ROI, Improve Productivity, and Manage Risk Around Your Enterprise Applications

The NGAGE Enterprise Analytics Platform was developed using the latest in business intelligence from Microsoft including Power BI and Stream Analytics.  It maintains a rich and accurate definition of the authenticated user population for each target application harvesting detailed, time-stamped information around each user’s interaction with the application. Using sophisticated data warehousing, cube, and reporting technologies it creates intuitive, interactive dashboards that visualize how well and widely the application is being used.

Support for the following applications:

  • iManage
  • Thomson Reuters Elite /3E
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • SharePoint 2013/2016
  • Office 365

Key Platform Capabilities:

  • Enterprise-wide views of user behavior across multiple on-premise and cloud-based systems
  • Integrates with BA Insight Smart Analytics
  • Easily extensible to include additional systems and customer applications
  • Takes advantage of  Microsoft’s Power BI to deliver richly visual, self-service reporting to any device
  • Track the effectiveness of training and change management initiatives in relation to any application
  • Zoom in on important ‘best practice’ behaviors and identify priorities for improvement
  • Quickly identify all content accessed by any user – and all users who have accessed content
  • An all-Microsoft BI solution offers unlimited options for additional interrogation and visualization
  • Optional real-time and alert reporting in relation to any designated risk behavior

Use NGAGE Analytics to:

Drive User Adoption and Engagement

The business value of any application is a function of how widely and consistently it is adopted by its target user population.  By connecting an application to the NGAGE Analytics Platform, you can intervene early and accurately where there are adoption problems, learn what works, and make continuous, measurable improvements.

Increase ROI and Productivity

Adoption is just the start- the real ROI in an application is in the improved individual and team productivity that flows from it being used well. NGAGE can give you all the insights you need to develop, target, and track the effectiveness of training around best practices.

Improve Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance

The more critical an application, the more it brings reputational, legal, and commercial risks. NGAGE can help you predict and manage those risks while enabling you to track, manage, and improve users’ compliance with corporate standards.