Oftwat Solves Enterprise Search Challenges | BA Insight

Rules-Based Approach to Autoclassification Eliminates the Need for Manual Tagging of Content

BOSTON, Mass. – September 24, 2014 – BA Insight, provider of software that transforms SharePoint into a Powerful Unified Information Access Platform, announces that Ofwat, the economic regulator of the water and sewerage sectors in England and Wales, has deployed its Knowledge Integration Platform to access information that is dispersed across Ofwat’s intranet, file shares, eMailboxes, and web site. The platform’s autoclassification capabilities improves findability and relevancy, and its user experience engine provides a remarkable experience, which has increased user adoption.

Ofwat’s operational, financial, legal, and other users were struggling to find certain information they needed to effectively perform their jobs. This was contributing to missed deadlines, which was proving to be costly. Ofwat acknowledged that they needed to make better use of their SharePoint investment to implement search-driven applications that would enable their distinct groups of users to find the critical information they needed. The BA Insight KI Platform proved to be the perfect solution to solve their collective challenges as it provides secure connectivity to a variety of content systems, automated classification to increase findability, and a remarkable user experience for finding and exploring knowledge.

“This technology has virtually eliminated our enterprise search challenges,” said Carl Poulton, Head of Information Management and Technology, Operations at Ofwat. “Its integration with SharePoint’s taxonomy, along with its rules-based metadata generation, eradicates the need for an administrator to oversee our content tagging and classification efforts as it is now automated. Our users also find it intuitive and have substantially increased their usage of search to find information. This is validated by the fact that our internal helpdesk calls regarding search issues have disappeared.”

“We were pleased to provide Ofwat with a solution that significantly improved their search results and user experience, leveraging their SharePoint investment. Ofwat’s users now have an easy to use solution that delivers relevant search results in less than three clicks. Search can only be powerful when it’s embraced and trusted by its users, and Ofwat’s use of our platform demonstrates the value search can provide when implemented well,” said Jeff Fried, CTO of BA Insight.