BA Insight Enhances AutoClassifier with Machine Learning

Generates Metadata for Better Findability by Combining Rules Engine and Semantics

Boston, MA – January 24, 2017 –BA Insight released the third version of its AutoClassifier software, bringing its automatic metadata generation to a new level.  Semantic Entity Extraction, based on Machine Learning, can now be used along with the Rules Engine and Clustering components in the AutoClassifier to identify and relate concepts found inside content in nearly any system or format.  An integrated Smart Pipeline allows for a flexible combination of different text analytic techniques, such as clustering based on semantically extracted concepts, or auto-tagging using a set of classification rules and then linking in associated data for tags that exceed a specified confidence threshold.  Organizations can use the resulting metadata to improve findability, discover new insights, and ensure compliance.

AutoClassifier V3 supports O365, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 2013.  It adds new features to simplify administration, including term suggestion, what-if scenario testing, and fine-grained control of thresholding.  Tag history reports and taxonomy auditing capabilities have also been added to enhance taxonomy management.  Support for SharePoint Document Sets round out the AutoClassifier’s deep integration with SharePoint.

“There has been a battle in the industry between rules-based and AI-based classification.  There are pros and cons to each, but neither technique is best for everything,” said Tom Reamy, Chief Knowledge Architect of the KAPS group, program chair of Text Analytics World, and author of Deep Text.  “BA Insight has resolved this by allowing you to apply the best technique, or to combine them in innovative ways when that’s needed.  Whether organizations start with rules or simple text mining, building the best solutions typically requires an “all-of-the-above” approach. BA Insight’s AutoClassifier supports this all within a single product.”

The AutoClassifier can tag content in-place in SharePoint or Office365, as well as tag content from a wide range of systems connected via BA Insight’s portfolio of over 60 connectors.  It works across different search engines, including SharePoint search, the Office Graph, Elasticsearch, Recommind Decisiv Search, and Google Search Appliance.

“There is remarkable power in machine learning, and we’re excited to add this to our products without sacrificing transparency and control,” said Jeff Fried, Chief Technology Officer at BA Insight.  “Our customers benefit from leading-edge text analytics technology and also from the flexibility of our product. They can keep it simple and apply metadata from a small set of automatically-generated rules, or get as sophisticated as they like, without suffering from the headaches involved with ‘black box’ products.  In many situations, the best results come from applying a combination of techniques, and our Beta customers have told us that we’ve made that simple to do and easy to understand.”
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About BA Insight

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Our modular software product portfolio features SmartHub, delivering a personalized, internet-like user experience; connectors, providing secure connectivity to a wide variety of systems; classification, increasing findability using auto-tagging, text analytics, and metadata generation; and analytics, providing valuable data to make intelligent decisions about your intranet.

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