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Oracle Argus Safety to Remarque Systems Connector

Oracle Argus Safety is an advanced and comprehensive adverse events management system that helps life sciences companies enable regulatory compliance, drive product stewardship, and integrate safety and risk management into one comprehensive platform.

Remarque Systems brings process optimization, increased visibility, rapid communications, and improved quality to your clinical trial data and operations. Quickly identify known and unknown risks with trial-specific triggers, data outliers, adverse events, and enrollment issues, in real-time. Improve data quality by reducing risky manual processes. Better manage risks with greater oversight, collaboration, and visibility.The BA Insight Oracle Argus Safety to Remarque Systems connector makes it possible to quickly integrate, using standard out of the box connectors, making integration seamless.

It modernizes the clinical trial process as follows:

  • Mid-study changes can be done quickly – no need to rely on tech support or take your study offline. Approved individuals can access data from multiple devices in multiple locations and at any time of the day.
  • The data is entered quickly and accurately by configuring dynamic branching and edit checks without requiring that work be done in the source code.
  • It removes the burden of spending days/weeks customizing integrations and reduces manual data entry in multiple systems.
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