Matter Comparison

Are you using a manual process for pricing and proposal generation?

In a world of Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFA), using a manual process for pricing and proposal generation is inefficient and risky. It is slow and painful to collect information from many different systems, find a suitable set of comparisons, and then analyze them. Mistakes and missing information are practically unavoidable and can lead to lost business or revenue. Creating spreadsheets manually and emailing them around is inefficient, slow, and error-prone. A firm’s profitability and competitiveness are at stake.

Implementing Matter Comparison

With Matter Comparison, partners and pricing specialists can rapidly collect and compare matters based on information that exists in multiple disparate systems. It includes:

  • Matter Mart  – integrates matter information from many different sources using our Connectivity software to tap both structured and unstructured data systems. This includes systems such as Elite, Aderant, Worksite, and SQL Server. This powerful approach taps the data where it lives and avoids the need for complex migration or ETL projects.
  • Baskets – collect matters into sets for comparison and analysis. Users can select matters immediately from search results and add them from any view. Baskets can be saved, shared, viewed onscreen, and exported for offline analysis. Working with baskets is natural for users from their everyday use of e-commerce sites, so no training is needed.
  • Comparison Grid – shows matters side-by-side for easy comparison and analysis. Users can work with items onscreen, drag or sort to reorder, then drill into expandable detail sections and use the comparison results to find additional matters to consider.

Leveraging SharePoint

SharePoint for Matter ComparisonMatter Comparison is built as a SharePoint component, so it is familiar to end users and easy for IT to add into SharePoint portals. It uses a search-driven approach leveraging the FAST search engine included with Microsoft SharePoint to aggregate data from multiple sources into a single view.

Our Connectivity software brings in data of many different content sources and continually updates the application with new information. Additional sources of data can easily be added.


Use Matter Comparison for:

  • Pricing:  quickly access similar work along with the financial parameters of past projects to enable pricing specialists to work much more efficiently. Partners and others in the firm are empowered to collect sets of comparable matters and perform analysis.  Collaboration and review of pricing is streamlined using shared baskets. This makes pricing dramatically easier, faster, and more accurate.
  • Proposal Generation:  collect the best examples, work products, and expertise to include in proposals, and gain an understanding of key metrics of comparable engagements. Quickly find comparables that increase your chances of winning new business while cutting the time and effort needed to craft winning proposals.
  • Client Review: collect and mine the history of work with a client, along with similar matters. Use insight from Matter Comparison to manage operations more effectively and provide better service to your clients.