Information Governance and Enterprise Search

The exponential growth of information in the enterprise requires new methods for governing content and implementing search.

Increase Findability for a Remarkable User Experience

Managing today’s information challenges, which includes having a strategy for information governance, requires secure connectivity to a wide variety of content systems and metadata management to increase findability, and a remarkable user experience.

Connectivity to disparate line of business systems requires a balance of high performance, rigorous security, and easy administration across a wide range of sophisticated source systems.  Users need to be able to search on-premise and SaaS business systems and have the content surface in a familiar intranet portal, such as SharePoint.  BA Insight has over 50 pre-built SharePoint connectors, eliminating the need to spend time and money developing and maintaining customized connectors.

In order for important information to be found via an enterprise search, content must be tagged with the appropriate metadata.  Otherwise, queries will return every document that contains the search term, with no refinement of search results.  

BA Insight’s AutoClassifier provides automatic tagging and classification of content based upon a taxonomy, using a robust rules engine to provide a better enterprise search experience.  It includes:

  • 1
    Automatic Content Type Assignment – ensures consistent information architecture including metadata and templates for content creation, information governance, and findability
  • 2
    KQL-Based Rule Language – matches the keyword query language used for search so that rules are simpler, more natural, and translate directly between search and categorization
  • 3
    Support for Regular Expressions – enables scenarios such as personal information detection for compliance
  • 4
    Tagging of File System Content – crawls a file system and creates an XML file with assigned metadata
  • 5
    PowerShell Scripting – over every area of functionality
  • 6
    Broad Reporting Capabilities– includes csv, xml, and PDF format reports as well as support for XSL-FO templates to allow fine grain control of PDF report format

Fielding successful search-driven applications requires addressing the whole user experience, because search is planted squarely at the interface of humans and machine.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer, and creating compelling and effective user interfaces is a difficult undertaking requiring specialized expertise. BA Insight's Applications enable the creation of compelling and effective user interfaces. It provides deep and broad capabilities for data visualization, presentation, and interaction.

Enterprise Search Plays a Key Role in Information Governance

An effective information governance strategy for SharePoint intranets requires enhanced enterprise search capabilities that incorporate metadata management, federated search, and SharePoint connectors to the data silos that exist across the enterprise.

Our Portfolio consists of: 


Smart PreviewsVisual RefinersUser-Generated InfoSites, and Matter Comparison help users find relevant information faster for improved productivity.


Auto-tagging, metadata generation, and text analytics make content findable.


Secure connectors and federation to a wide variety of content systems enable unified views of all knowledge assets.

BA Insight's Knowledge Integration Platform and SharePoint Search