Elastic Cloud

Comparing Elastic Cloud and SharePoint Online Search

Create Powerful, Enterprise-wide Cognitive Search Solutions

We support both Elastic Cloud (Hosted Elasticsearch) and on-premise Elasticsearch. If you are evaluating enterprise search, you should consider Elastic Cloud. Here is a comparison with SharePoint:

Elastic Cloud SharePoint Online Search

Advanced Matching Power

Result Counts Exact Approximate
Geosearch Y N
Regular Expression Matching Y N
Complex Data Types Y N
Fuzzy Search Y N
Microsoft Graph Signals N Y

Scale and Performance

Amount of External Content Unlimited
< 2.1 billion items per shard
1-20 million items
(depending on licensing)
Maximum Document Size /
Characters Indexed
256 MB /
4 million characters
64 MB /
2 million characters
Query Latency 100-400 ms 300-1200 ms
Indexing Latency Minutes Hours


Synonyms Y N
Query Enhancement Open Sealed
Content Enrichment Open Sealed
Custom Domain Aliases Y N

With this application users can:

  • 1

    SmartHub – provides a modern, responsive search UI, personalization, and cognitive search capabilities.

  • 2

    Ingestion Connectors – Our secure connectors bring content from over 70 enterprise systems into the Elasticsearch index, providing unified views of all knowledge assets.

  • 3

    AutoClassifier – Auto-tagging, metadata generation, and text analytics feed Elasticsearch’s schema, filtering, and faceted navigation, increasing findability.

BA Insight’s products also combine with Elasticsearch and Elastic Cloud to create best-of-breed cognitive search

Elasticsearch can be a great platform for enterprise search when coupled with BA Insight’s products:

Benefits of Elasticsearch

  • Sophisticated search capabilities: including real-time indexing, geosearch, pattern search, and search on machine data.
  • High Degree of Control: including direct control of relevance ranking, query processing, and indexing.
  • Open Source: provides assurance of future continuity as well as the ability to change or fix any aspect of the search engine as required.
  • Scale-up: no limits on size of documents or number of items indexed; pay as you grow. If you are hitting the limits of SharePoint search, you can use Elasticsearch to supplement your existing search and present users with a single unified result set through SmartHub .
  • Fast answers: Elasticsearch is noted for quick response times and is notably faster than SharePoint search.
  • Managed Service (with Elastic Cloud): results in lower cost and less work by eliminating the need to deal with servers, software updates, backups, etc.  Elastic Cloud is available on Amazon Web Services and on the Google Cloud Platform.