Microsoft Exchange lets you tailor your solution based on your unique needs and ensures that your communications are always available, while you remain in control. Move to the cloud overnight, deploy on-premises, or manage a hybrid deployment with mailboxes that are both online and on-premises. Manage powerful capabilities, including data loss prevention and Office 365 Groups, from the easy-to-use, web-based Exchange admin center. Role-based access helps you manage Exchange efficiently and delegate tasks. With Exchange archiving, large mailboxes, and retention policies, your users can keep important data in one place and you can take control of your storage and compliance demands.

Using the BAI Microsoft Exchange Connector, users can retrieve content from Exchange through various search platforms. Security ensures that users will see only emails from their own mailbox, public mailboxes, and other mailboxes to which they have been granted access.

Support for searching Exchange content works across multiple versions of Exchange, including Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and Exchange Online.

Microsoft Exchange for SharePoint

Based on our experience developing more than 80 connectors and with hundreds of customer deployments, we can tell you that building custom solutions is challenging and full of risks.

Our “off the shelf” Microsoft Exchange Connector provides the following capabilities:

  • Support for active and archive mailboxes.
  • Crawls both messages and attachments.
  • Indexes every desired item with a very high throughput.
  • Minimizes the performance impact on the source.
  • Only surfaces the content that users are permitted to see.
  • The source system retains the master information and the search index has only a representation (pointers).
  • Supports both full and incremental crawls.

Future-proof Your Investment

As new versions of the search platforms are released, new features and functionality are introduced, and the same is true of new releases of MS Exchange. BA Insight takes on the burden of keeping the connector up to date for both MS Exchange and the respective search engines. The upgrades are easy to do and can be done by your IT organization. It is simply a matter of accessing the BA Insight customer portal, downloading the latest release, and installing and configuring it. If desired, our professional services team can handle the upgrades.

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Drive Productivity

By connecting MS Exchange to your preferred search engine, you increase adoption of your intranet, improving organizational efficiency and productivity.