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Several analysts have recently come out with new terms for Intelligent Search.

Gartner calls it “Insight Engines”, and emphasizes the use of relevancy methods and proactive or interactive information delivery in context.

Forrester calls it “Cognitive Search and Knowledge Discovery”, highlighting the use of AI technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning.

Don’t let the variety of terminology confuse you…we are all referring to the same thing!

Our Cognitive Search approach gives you the freedom to use Microsoft’s AI Platform, Google Cloud’s Machine Learning, or the Rasa Stack.

A new wave of Artificial Intelligence technology offers the potential to dramatically transform the way organizations use their information. Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing are developing extremely rapidly through investments by companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Rasa. These technologies underpin powerful new capabilities in intelligent search.

How we integrate with Microsoft’s AI Platform

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How we integrate with Google Cloud’s Machine Learning

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How we integrate with The Rasa Stack

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Our Best-of-Breed Cognitive Search Strategy

BA Insight has always had a cognitive search strategy to deliver the best products in our category. We integrate the infrastructure and systems that organizations already own and bring the best capabilities available into a modular product portfolio. This means we can innovate quickly, deliver best-in-class capabilities, and provide our customers with flexibility. For example:

  • Our SmartHub brings intelligence to your intranet and enterprise search implementation by making it proactive, interactive, connected, and extensible.
  • Our Indexing Connectors let you integrate with over 90 systems quickly so that data can live in the most appropriate system of record, without the need to move or copy the data.
  • You can choose your search engines. We support a variety of search technologies including SharePoint 2013/2016 search, Office 365 search, Elasticsearch/Elastic CloudAzure Search, and OpenText Decisiv.  You can even combine results from different search engines to mix-and-match capabilities.
  • We support multiple environments as our products work with SharePoint Server, SharePoint Online, and Hybrid SharePoint. We work with Elasticsearch on-premise as well as Elastic Cloud.
  • Our AutoClassifier includes an integrated Smart Pipeline which allows for a flexible combination of different text analytic techniques to support Extensible Natural Language Processing. We integrate with vertically specialized processors such as LexisNexis, West km, and Linguamatics, as well as customer-specific processing.

We are continuing our best-of-breed approach as we leverage the best machine learning and cognitive computing from superpowers like Microsoft and Google, as well as open source.  A few examples of these capabilities:

  • Our Semantic Entity Extraction uses machine learning to identify and relate concepts found inside content in nearly any system or format.
  • We automatically recommend relevant content based on behavioral preferences learned via our SmartHub Analytics measurements.
  • Our Image Processing automatically recognizes objects found in pictures within your content, using machine learning.

Machine Learning and Cognitive Search & Computing are developing extremely quickly, and we will continue to add exciting new capabilities going forward.

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Beware of Hype

Although there is real value in machine learning and cognitive search, there is also a lot of hype.  Read CMS wire’s articles onIntelligent, Cognitive, AI-based Search: Separating Hype from Reality

Industry expert Martin White has an insightful blog on how recent Gartner and Forrester coverage is flawed and overhyped.