AI-driven knowledge management for any enterprise

Web-like, advanced search delivers relevant, personalized, and actionable results to your employees.

Organizations are taking on digital transformation initiatives faster than ever before, yet up to 8 hours of your employees’ productivity time is wasted every week searching for information spread across disparate platforms and systems. To support a digital workplace, you must provide a user-friendly, reliable way to deliver data connectivity for information spread across both on-premises and cloud systems so users can quickly find relevant information.

That’s where BA Insight’s powerful knowledge management search solution comes in. AI-powered enterprise search is a transformative employee productivity software that can fully unlock the potential of your organization’s workforce. Fill out the form for access to a quick 2-minute overview video to see how it works.

How does enterprise search make your employees more productive, you ask?

It just takes two minutes of your time to answer that question.

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Imagine if you had enterprise search technology that could:

  • Provide users with one seamless internet-like search experience across applications
  • Enable users to quickly find the most relevant “first-page” results they need
  • Connect users with subject matter experts to help them work smarter
  • Display personalized, highly relevant results on dashboards for faster evaluation
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Deliver relevant results faster with BA Insight’s enterprise search software.

75 percent

Three quarters of employees think information is easier to find outside of their organization vs. within their systems

8 hours per week Employees spend nearly one day a week simply searching for relevant information needed to complete their tasks

19 percent
Employees spend nearly 1/5 of their average workday bouncing between systems to find information

internet experience

Internet-like user experience

  • Use a single search bar to access all internal resources via our 90+ Connectors.
  • Find the most frequently searched terms and relevant matches using type-ahead suggestions.
  • Enable “just ask” search functionality without taxonomy, just like speaking to a person.


BA Insight’s AI-driven WorkHub Search is innovative technology that allows users to conduct their searches from within the applications they use every day, seamlessly integrating into their existing work practices. There’s no need to learn a new application or change your process. With BA Insight, you simply get better information faster and easier.

Ready to learn more about the possibilities that BA Insight’s powerful enterprise search software can offer your organization?

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