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Written by Joel Oleson

It is estimated that only 35% of customers are running SharePoint 2013. A majority are still running SharePoint 2010, and others are still running even earlier versions of SharePoint (Forrester Research 2014 Global Usage Survey).

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Written by Rem Purushothaman

In the first part of my blog on the Information Enrichment pillar, I discussed how autoclassification can be a power tool in providing your users a more meaningful search experience by tagging content with the right set of terms to drive findability and relevancy. In this follow up blog, I'll discuss metadata expansion, which is another form of information enrichment.

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Written by Jeff Fried

This is the traditional time of year for us 'experts' to look ahead and make predictions, as well as look back on whether last year’s predictions were on track or not. I'm new to this habit, so I can't report on whether my crystal ball has been working or not….but no time to start like the present. 

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Written by Mike Gregory

When I talk to SharePoint Administrators about metadata, a typical use case is that of a user uploading a document to a library.  As part of the upload process, the user is asked to populate several fields which classify the document with attributes like Department, Product, Security Level, and the like. 

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Written by Jillian Derby

Let’s face it, the vast majority of organizations have poor metadata. Don’t worry, you’re not to blame. Creating metadata is challenging and cumbersome. However, without metadata chances are content is not being found within your organization, resulting in wasted time, which equates to decreased productivity.

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