Unified Information Access

Eliminate data silos with a 360 degree view of information

BA Insight provides a return on value from “Big Content”

The modern enterprise is struggling to make sense of the structured and unstructured information that it produces in exponentially growing volumes across an increasing variety of application silos. The fragmentation, diversity, and overall inaccessibility of this data can lead to a number of suboptimal outcomes like lack of responsiveness to customer queries, widespread duplication of effort, general inability to locate and nurture expertise, and decreased employee productivity over time, among others.

Unified Information Access and the 3Vs

As awareness grows of the problems posed by the volume, variety, and velocity of content, today’s IT Leaders are increasingly evaluating technologies that facilitate access to and amalgamation of structured and unstructured content to gain timely insights in various business critical scenarios.

Unified Information Access Volume
amount of Data
Unified Information Access Variety
Range and Types of Data
Unified Information Access Velocity
Speed of Data in and Out

One such technology is Unified Information Access (UIA), an advanced implementation of Enterprise Search technology that transcends simple keyword searching to allow for secure, ad hoc interrogation of multiple content sources in a highly targeted and contextually specific manner.

While there are many closed proprietary systems available in the UIA market, only BA Insight extends the core capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint and FAST search to deliver Best-in-Class solutions for Unified Information Access. This enables organizations large and small to take advantage of their existing investments to radically reduce the cost, risk, and complexity of implementation.



Big Content is simply shining a spotlight on the shadowy corners of the enterprise information ecosphere.

Darin Stewart, Gartner