Increase Employee Engagement with Smart Analytics

Employees Are Customers Too

Maintaining user engagement requires you to deliver solutions that let users do their jobs efficiently while improving the overall productivity of the enterprise.  Therefore, you need to validate that the solutions you have deployed are performing as expected- delivering results, providing value, and creating a return on your investment.

The key benefits of analytics include:

Search Analytics ROI


iManage Analytics
Powered by NGAGE

  • Provides detailed iManage analytics around adoption and compliance
  • Gives administrators key data to drive engagement and reduce risk

SharePoint Search Analytics

  • Takes advantage of Machine Learning to drive recommendations and personalization
  • Gives administrators powerful search analytics to continuously improve the search experience

SharePoint Platform Analytics
Powered by NGAGE

  • Provides detailed analytics around adoption, consumption, contribution, and social engagement
  • Gives administrators valuable knowledge to maximize engagement and the value realized from SharePoint