Making Enterprise Search Relevant Through Unified Information Access

Due to the vast explosion of structured and unstructured data, users are experiencing increasing challenges locating and accessing the critical information and expertise needed to excel in their roles.  Even the enterprise search technology that has been implemented to resolve these issues is failing to locate relevant information while providing a sub-par user experience.  This can have negative consequences, such as the inability to effectively respond to customer queries, widespread duplication of effort, and decreased employee productivity.

Presenters of this On-Demand Webinar include:

David Schubmehl, Research Director, Search and Content Analytics, IDC

Jeff Fried, Chief Technology Officer, BA Insight During this On-Demand Webinar, we will discuss:

The transformation of enterprise search and the trend towards Unified Information Access

How organizational needs are driving demand for a platform approach

What is needed to turn Enterprise Search into a Killer App

Considerations for developing targeted applications