On demand webinar – ask the experts:
enhancing the sharepoint search experience Part Two

In part two of our ask the experts webinar session, BA Insight experts, CTO Jeff Fried and Director of Enterprise Search Strategy, Joel Oleson answer more questions that were submitted.

Hear answers to questions, such as:

What is new in search for SharePoint 2013?

How can I set up SharePoint to help my users find and access information they cannot get to today, including information not presently stored in SharePoint?

How can I get people to use metadata?

How can I leverage SharePoint’s Managed Metadata Service to automatically generate metadata and increase findability?

Query Rules have a Site Collection cap of 5000. Is there an intelligent recommendation for navigating this restriction?

Is it possible to expose a managed metadata hierarchy in the search center refiners in SharePoint 2010/2013?

…and more!