The Insight to Transform Your Intranet

The capability to deliver results

To transform your intranet, you need a partner. One who will bring you new and innovative ideas with deep knowledge, meaningful insights and the broadest range of capabilities. A partner who works shoulder to shoulder with you to help create an intranet that your people will love. BA Insight is that partner. Our consultants bring years of experience in portal design, search architecture, and project best practices that deliver results.

It is a fact that SharePoint implementations fail because of too many customizations and too few experts on the project. Even if the initial deployment succeeds, ongoing success is at risk if the right knowledge is not transferred. Our consultants ensure that your team understands both the why and the how, acting as a true mentor and partner who cares about the long term success of the project. Throughout implementation, our goal is to ensure a smooth and successful launch while assuring the internal project resources become self-sufficient beyond the completion of projects. We use a combination of eLearning, synchronous training, consulting and mentoring to implement a project in the shortest timeframe with the lowest cost and risk. Our goal is to ensure that every implementation is successful and meets or exceeds user expectations while coming within the defined budget and timeline. We use collaborative requirements review, joint design and planning, direct mentoring and hands on guidance to ensure project success and detailed knowledge transfer. The result is low cost, low risk and faster time to value. Our goal is for you to think of us as a member of your team, and to build a trusting long term relationship with you.

Our team has deep expertise in information technology, intranets, extranets, portal design, application connectivity, security, Microsoft SharePoint and the BA Insight Software Portfolio.

Our Services Offerings Are:

Implementation Services

The project starts with a discovery and assessment phase, a thorough application needs analysis and architecture design to ensure that the “whole” project team is in agreement and fully aligned on the project goals and scope. Beyond installation, configuration, training and mentoring, some examples of other things you should expect from our team are detailed below:


Smart Previews and Visual Refiners

  • Tips, tools, and techniques to ensure the entire document corpus is covered, accurate and up to date
  • Consulting on how best to leverage previews within search results for the optimal user experience
  • Consulting on refinement strategies and ways to deliver valuable and contextual refinement

User-Generated InfoSites

  • Tips, tools, and techniques on driving user adoption and letting the user community understand how to get the most out of the application
  • Consulting on the creation of advanced interfaces for aggregation of multiple InfoSites

Matter Comparison

  • Analysis of the applicable comparison data and associated groupings for optimum user experience
  • Discovery and implementation of augmented comparison data to increase available intelligence in comparison


  • Guidance on taxonomy management, including rules techniques for optimum categorization results
  • Taxonomy Best practices
  • Tips, tools, and techniques on utilizing metadata based refiners within the search center


  • Tips, tools, and techniques on security testing and validation of content/crawling to ensure full coverage of all content sources
  • Guidance on configuration of managed and crawled properties, and how these properties can enhance the search experience
  • Assistance on item results and display templates for crawled data, to deliver the optimum user experience

Technical Services

BA Insight technical services provides our customers the ability to extend the reach and capabilities of their particular solution in a variety of new ways. Our technical services team has expert experience in data connectivity and search application design. They partner with our customers to create new and exciting approaches to business problems through developing innovative software.

Technical Services include:

  • Development of new connectors
  • Development of custom applications
  • Development of custom logic and approaches to solve a wide range of business challenges
  • Custom Integration with critical business systems

Ongoing Consulting

BA Insight ongoing consulting provides our customers with the peace of mind that their projects and applications are operating at peak capability, and future needs are being accessed on a regular basis. Our consultants work hand in hand with the customer’s project teams to provide continual mentoring, knowledge transfer, and guidance on new and upcoming techniques to be evaluated.