Connectivity for Hybrid SharePoint

Provide secure, high performance search across Hybrid SharePoint, including content from a wide variety of external systems.

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Enterprise Portals and Intranets must include content from many important systems, not just SharePoint content.

BA Insight’s Connectivity software supports all 3 configurations possible for unified search with Hybrid SharePoint:


 Single index in SharePoint Server

The entire search farm is based in SharePoint Server (on-premises or hosted). Content in SharePoint Online (SPO) is crawled along with many other sources to create a single search index.

  • Pros: simplest approach; most control over the search experience
  • Cons: largest on-premises footprint; does not feed O365 features (Delve and DLP)
  • Typical Scenario: most systems and portals hosted on-premises, moderate SPO use
  • BA Insight product: SharePoint Online Connector
  • Value-add over OOTB: SharePoint OOB does not provide this


Single Index in SharePoint Online

Microsoft’s new Cloud SSA is deployed in SharePoint Server and feeds a search index in SPO.  Our Connectors work with the Cloud SSA to crawl content from many sources and create a single search index.

  • Pros: feeds O365 features (Delve and DLP); smaller on-premises footprint; less IT work
  • Cons: limited control over the search experience; limited portal customization
  • Typical Scenario: most systems and portals hosted online, cloud as strategic direction
  • BA Insight product: Connector Framework for Hybrid SharePoint
  • Value-add over OOTB: Adds content outside Sharepoint; adds content enrichment


Multiple Indexes combined via Federation

Content is indexed independently in SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online; queries are sent to both indexes simultaneously and the results are combined.

  • Pros: this is the only solution for some scenarios, such as searching for export-controlled information across borders; allows for independent control of different farms
  • Cons: weakest search experience
  • Typical Scenario: global organizations with compliance concerns
  • BA Insight product: Federator
  • Value-add over OOTB: Provides single interleaved result set and refiners

BA Insight’s software portfolio goes beyond OOTB, providing missing ingredients that apply doubly in Hybrid environments.

Learn more about BA Insight’s overall hybrid strategy including Connectivity, Classification, and Application software.