SharePoint Online/O365

Make SharePoint Search Intelligent

Microsoft describes SharePoint Online as follows: “Share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organization.”

They also promote the idea of using SharePoint Online as an intranet with the following description, “Inform and engage your organization with intranets and sites to tell your story, announce your news, share resources, streamline processes, and engage people.”

Your team’s expectation of an intranet is a lot more than a standalone collaboration platform. They expect to be able to use the intranet like they use the internet – a place to go to find information.

The Microsoft definition is from last decade and does not work in the era of AI-driven and connected intranets. Users expect:

  • An Internet-like user experience, including capabilities such as recommendations and refiners
  • Connectivity to other enterprise systems
  • Search results that are relevant to their search, independent of where the information is stored

Video: Search Guru Mike Gregory Discusses Enhancing SharePoint OOTB

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Benefits of SharePoint Online Search

  • Integrated with O365/SharePoint Online: search is pervasive throughout SharePoint, including deep integration with metadata and user profiles.  If most of your content is in Office 365 and/or SharePoint Online, then this can be a cost-effective and powerful approach.
  • Straightforward administration with familiar tools: your staff and/or contractors who are familiar with SharePoint can work directly with SharePoint search and BA Insight products without retooling.
  • Backed by Microsoft: including a large ongoing investment in top-tier search capabilities and a continuous stream of new innovations.
  • Managed Service (with Office 365): results in lower cost and less work – by eliminating the need to deal with servers, software updates, backups, etc.  If you are already using Office 365, consider using cloud hybrid search in Office 365.

If your SharePoint is used as an intranet or portal, then it is probably heavily customized. Custom code causes ballooning complexity and costs and often produces underwhelming results. Systems integrators that have practices to customize SharePoint end up creating long-term dependencies that hamper your ability to upgrade or be responsive to your users.

Our software portfolio makes SharePoint Online a complete AI-driven enterprise Search Platform:

  • 1

    SmartHub: a machine learning-based intelligent engine and UI framework for relevancy boosting, personalization, and integration of Best of Breed AI.

  • 2

    Connectivity: Connecting SharePoint to other systems.

  • 3

    Auto-classification: Automatic generation of metatags.

  • 4

    Document Preview: Capabilities beyond OOTB previews called Office Web Apps (aka OWA).

BA Insight Transforms SharePoint into a True Cognitive Search Platform

The BAI Software Portfolio exploits the search index in SharePoint as well as the Metadata Management, User Profile, and BI services – and extends these with a comprehensive set of connectivity, text analytics, and user interaction capabilities. With our software, you can rapidly assemble and deploy intranets and portals that present information in ways users love – regardless of its structure or where it resides in your organization.

Use SharePoint Search and BA Insight to create powerful enterprise-wide AI-driven search solutions.

BA Insight’s products combine with O365/SharePoint Online to create best-of-breed cognitive search solutions. Our SmartHub provides a modern, responsive search UI, personalization, and cognitive search capabilities.

With SharePoint and BA Insight, you can provide a dedicated, cost-effective search service with powerful cognitive search features that power Intelligent Intranets and Intelligent Search Applications

BA Insight products complement SharePoint OOTB features, eliminate the need for custom code, and help get the project done quicker.