InfoSites Reduce Information Overload

Auto Updates From Any Internal or External Source

Easily create intranet and portal pages without coding or IT involvement

New information from any source will automatically show up on the InfoSite and in a user’s email digest.  Content is organized by what it is, not where it is, and the dynamic InfoSite Directory allows for easy exploration and navigation across all published InfoSites.  Feeds and items included in an InfoSite are de-duplicated, reducing clutter. Related InfoSites and Sub-Sites are created through a drag & drop UI. InfoSites can be personal, shared with other team members, or published to the broader organization.

Key Capabilities:

Define InfoSite Pages in multiple ways

  • From search/refinement results
    • Save search/search history
    • Create Sub-Site for search inside an InfoSite
    • Search within RSS feeds
    • “Pin” document
  • From InfoSite Graph
    • “Drag and drop” facility to define relationships between InfoSites
      • Combine existing InfoSites
      • Create empty InfoSite
  • From a list of document libraries, sites, or a spreadsheet import

Control subscriptions/notifications

  • eMail digest – click through to “My Digest” page
    • Aggregated across all subscriptions
      • Automatic de-duplication
      • Metadata shows feeds the item came from
    • Delivered daily or weekly based on user preference
  • Follow/subscribe to an InfoSite
    • Create a subscription to an InfoSite or RSS
  • Users can “ignore” individual documents
    • Click on document to set “ignore” preference

Multiple presentation options

  • Automatic creation of InfoSites
    • Standard page template automatically used
    • Use a set of “InfoSite” web parts
    • Associate InfoSites to templates using display rules
  • Create new page templates that use InfoSite web parts and other parts
    • Users can change the display template they use for an InfoSite
  • Navigation occurs using “Related InfoSites” through InfoSite Graph

Find InfoSites in several ways

  • InfoSite Graph
  • “My InfoSites” shows all available InfoSites
  • Locate InfoSites in a directory

Key Benefits:

Reduce information overload

Implement easily

Access web pages from any device

Example Infosite Categories: 

  • Project-Based InfoSites
    • New practice areas
    • New product introductions
    • Sales proposals
  • Knowledge-Based InfoSites
    • Tax litigations
    • Research topics
  • Organizational-Based InfoSites
    • HR policies

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