Matthew McDermott

Founder and Director, Aptillon
Microsoft SharePoint Server MVP

Matthew is a Founder and Director at Aptillon, Inc., a consulting company dedicated to SharePoint.  He is also a Principal Consultant for AbleBlue in Austin, TX.  An eleven-time Microsoft SharePoint Server MVP, he splits his professional time between consulting, training and presenting on all things SharePoint and Office 365. Matthew specializes in Office 365 and SharePoint integration, strategy and implementation, helping his clients solve business problems with SharePoint and Office 365. Matthew is a speaker, content author, blogger and specialist in SharePoint and Office 365 technologies focused on search, collaboration, and web content management.

Matthew has led SharePoint implementations for Fortune 500 companies since 2002.  An accomplished photographer, cook, and bartender, in his spare time Matt spends as much time with his wife as his dog will allow.