Kevin Watters

CEO and Owner at KMW Technology

Kevin is the Founder of KMW Technology, an enterprise search, big data and AI services consulting company based in Boston. He has been running this firm since 2010, which has a strong commitment to open source, primarily focusing on delivering solutions based on Solr, Elasticsearch, Spark and Kafka.  Previously, Kevin worked at Attivio as a Principal R&D Engineer, where he deployed solutions for many of Attivio’s early customers and also mentored and helped build out their Professional Services team.  Prior to that, Kevin worked at FAST Search & Transfer, where he was a Senior Solution Architect for six years and had the opportunity to architect search solutions for many large projects.

In his free time, Kevin works on continual improvements to his InMoov robot, which is a 3D printed life- sized humanoid robot.  Often Kevin is testing out new technologies and integrating them into the MyRobotLab open source project.  Now the robot can recognize humans’ faces and track them.  It can hear what you say and respond accordingly.  One of Kevin’s goals is to see search, AI and robotics converge.  Kevin graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northeastern with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.