What Makes an Expert?

We all have specific subject expertise but as the world gets more complex, finding the right person to help you solve a specific problem becomes challenging. I thought it would be helpful to take a step back and ask the question, what makes an expert?

Answering that question requires understanding the complex tapestry of our experience, contributions, and behavior across the digital landscape. This is something I have researched extensively and I have compiled my findings into a list of the ten hallmarks that make a digital expert. Here are a few of them; the rest can be heard on my recent Shared Insights podcast.
  1. Being an expert often goes hand in hand with being an author. An author can contribute content through a variety of mediums, whether it’s through writing or speaking. Being a content contributor for both internal and external projects makes you an expert.
  2. Citation. It’s not just that you’ve written something but that you’re explicitly quoted or mentioned in other internal and external publications. It happens inside of organizations where people’s client reports or other content is cited or mentioned within other forms of content.
  3. The consumption of what you have is different than the citation. How often have your talks been attended? How is your contributed content rated? This is part of what makes one an expert.

For the remaining list, listen in on this podcast. If you’ve ever found yourself lost in search of experience in your organization, this episode is for you!

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