Unlocking the Hidden Value of Information

According to a recent IDC survey, unstructured content such as email, videos, and documents accounts for 90% of all digital information. Gaining value from this content should be an organizational goal, but few companies are actually obtaining the value that they should from this content – which is just sitting there waiting to be delivered.

One of the contributing factors to this is the fact that content is dispersed across organizations and kept in a variety of separate repositories that don’t talk to each other, making it challenging to access. Applications such as SharePoint, Documentum, and Salesforce.com house a wealth of valuable information that employees can leverage to increase innovation and productivity, respond to customer needs more quickly, and bring products to market faster. However, accessing these applications may not always be easy, or, it can be quite time consuming to access multiple systems on a daily basis to get the information needed for employees to do their jobs. According to IDC, 36% of a typical knowledge worker’s day is spent looking for and consolidating information spread across a variety of systems.

That being said, some organizations can and do unlock information’s hidden value. These are organizations with a high “Knowledge Quotient”, which is a score developed by IDC to identify companies’ ability to leverage process, technology, socialization, and culture to enable employees to uncover the value of the information retained by their organizations.

This IDC infographic highlights some key data points from the study and best practices of Knowledge Quotient leaders.

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