The Fine Art of SEO For Your Intranet

Hear the term Search Engine Optimization and you’re probably already overwhelmed.  While external SEO is complicated and often left to the mercy of the Google gods, internal SEO doesn’t have to be as complicated.

Applying SEO to your internal portals and intranet is actually more straight forward than it may seem. The goal, however, is very similar. You’re hoping that the right content appears in the right place at the right time.

If you work at an organization that has a lot of content, you’re probably thinking that tagging and updating those hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of documents is nearly impossible. However, there are some solutions!

Many organizations think that providing an open text field for keywords is nearly enough. It’s a nice thought but this leaves room for too much variation making it hard to group content in the future and will leave you with hundreds of thousands of variations. Also, based on our experience most users will just choose to leave the field blank.

The key is to provide your team with the tips and tools that make tagging fast, easy and painless. As internal experts, you have a better idea of your business terminology and keywords than anyone else. Create your own set of keywords and offer up suggestions for your users to select from. This will create uniformity and will keep your content organized!

You can go a step further by using an automated metadata tool (like BA Insight’s AutoClassifier) that can pull out keywords and identify concepts and recommend keywords.

This is just the start, there are other things to consider when building an internal SEO strategy. I recently covered this same topic in a Shared Insight’s podcast.

Click here to take a listen.  

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