Search-First Strategy to Migration

It is estimated that only 35% of customers are running SharePoint 2013. A majority are still running SharePoint 2010, and others are still running even earlier versions of SharePoint (Forrester Research 2014 Global Usage Survey).

Many of those customers have already acquired the hardware and own the licenses, but have been delayed due to lack of budget, resources, customization strategy/cleanup, migration tool assessment, vendor selection, or one of another dozen legitimate reasons. Microsoft has partnered with a number of customers to help them accelerate their SharePoint 2013 deployments through a strategy known as Search-First.

One of the biggest and most important features in SharePoint 2013 is the inclusion of the FAST search engine. The acquisition and integration during the previous generation meant those who had purchased the software could take advantage of the software, but in SharePoint 2013 the engine is now included in the product at no additional cost! So the big question is, why wait? Why not get started with Search now, and migrate your content later?

Search-First Migration Strategy uses a phased approach to your upgrade or migration so you can take advantage of SharePoint 2013 search now!

Phased Approach to a Search First Migration

This phased approach to migration is not new and has been widely adopted by many customers. Our whitepaper, “Improving Search FAST Using a Search-First Migration Strategy to SharePoint 2013” can help customers understand the Search-First migration strategy and how the BA insight Search-First Accelerator helps customers with their goals of having a successful deployment and adoption of SharePoint 2013 search.


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