Analyzing your Intranet

Use Cases for User-Generated InfoSites

Chances are that for many years now your organization has been utilizing analytics tools such as Google Analytics to make smarter decisions about your website. The data you’ve gathered has helped you create a better experience for your visitors.

However, what about the experience your internal stakeholders have had with your intranet?

We recently announced an exciting addition to our product portfolio, SmartHub Analytics. BA Insight’s Smart Analytics provides organizations with the data they need to make more intelligent decisions about their intranet, improving the overall user experience.

In a recent video I reviewed the top 10 reports used to determine the effectiveness of SharePoint portals. Here are some of those reports I cover in the video.

Usage Report
At first glance this report seems pretty basic but there is a lot of helpful information here. Are your users even using search on the intranet? Which search centers are being used most often and when?

Popular Queries Report
Popular Queries

The popular queries report allows you to see what queries are executed most often by which users and where. If you click on a particular query term it gives you further detail on what other queries are most often executed by which users and where. This will help you determine which users need what content the most.

Refiner Usage Report

Consumer internet sites like Amazon have taught users to find what they need using the search and refine method. Typically shoppers enter a keyword or two and use the refiner options to filter through their results. The refiner filter report lets you know whether your users are able to find content in your intranet in the same way. The details show you correlation between queries users entered and which refiners they used.

Popular Content Report
Popular Content Sources

It’s important to know where popular content accessed comes from. We here at BA Insight talk about providing authoritative content sources to users and the popular content sources report shows you exactly how that is being done.

View my video and learn more about the ten reports I reviewed.

A clear understanding of what type of activity your portal is receiving will only enhance your team’s experience and improve the ROI of your portal investment. To dive a bit deeper into the types of reports and data points your can access through Smart Analytics, we’ve put together a datasheet on the product release.

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