Longitude SAP Business Suite Connector
for SharePoint and FAST Search
Robust, Secure Integration for SAP & SharePoint | FAST

Longitude SAP Business Suite Connector empowers you to quickly and securely extend SharePoint and FAST Search to your SAP application. Centralize information access and give users the ability to perform global searches across your enterprise data from within SharePoint.
Rapid Deployment and Unlimited Scalability
Longitude SAP Business Suite Connector is deployed and configured quickly without coding or scripting. Security and permissions mapping are easily managed directly through SharePoint. Longitude's wizard-driven interface and fully extensible connectivity framework enables the rapid and seamless connection to your SAP system.

Comprehensive Security Management Longitude maps users, groups, and role-based identities and security schemas from any non-Active Directory based system, and also optionally enables real-time security checking to ensure rigorous adherence to all permission and access protocols.
Vast Scalability and High Performance
Enterprise-strength Scalability Longitude SAP Business Suite Connector for SharePoint and FAST Search maintains a calculated-change log that securely monitors activity on connected systems. By leveraging this index, connected systems are prevented from being over-burdened by repeated search queries and full-crawls, thereby ensuring optimal performance and real-time accuracy of search results.

Efficient Metadata Management Wizard-based metadata mapping provides precision and centralized control of all metadata and properties utilized across your enterprise systems. With Longitude, administrators can quickly merge and link metadata from multiple systems based on common keys to create a single, data rich record.
Data Replication into SharePoint Lists and Libraries
Longitude SAP Business Suite Connector enables secure data replication from your SAP application into any SharePoint List or Library. Access content and surface it within SharePoint, providing a single interface for users to access - and engage - all enterprise content. To ensure scalability and performance, Longitude SAP Business Suite Connector caches all replicated data, so the target system does not need to be repeatedly queried every time a user requests content. This caching feature shields the source system from the performance degradation that real-time queries can cause.
Intuitive Management Interface
Longitude's wizard-driven setup and graphical, fully-integrated management interface makes connecting to SAP back-end system fast, transparent, and less prone to human error than any other method. Longitude's dynamic Test Bench allows for the comprehensive testing and evaluation of all proposed configurations, allowing for efficient setup, management, and configuration of all connections. Click here to learn more
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