Longitude Connectors
for SharePoint and FAST Search
Connect All Your Critical Enterprise Systems into SharePoint for Unified Search and Information Access
Longitude Connectors securely extend Microsoft SharePoint and FAST Search to over 30 enterprise systems, providing knowledge workers with a single point of access to all information, people, and expertise across the enterprise. With rapid and cost-effective out-of-the-box deployment, comprehensive security-mapping, and full Active Directory integration, Longitude Connectors maximize the ROI of an organization's ERP, CRM, ECM, and messaging systems by securely unlocking and surfacing this information in a unified view.
Top Benefits
Unify All Enterprise Systems through Search or Integration
Longitude Connectors allow you to securely extract content from any enterprise system and surface it via FAST, SharePoint Search, or within SharePoint Lists. Empower FAST or SharePoint Search to index any structured or unstructured data from virtually any content repository.

Deploy Search-Based Applications for Knowledge Management, Discovery, and Expertize Longitude provides out-of-the-box web parts enabling IT Professionals to create rich search interfaces and applications. Index only the content you desire, and present it to end-users in the manner they demand.

Extend Search Quickly, Securely and Cost-Effectively Longitude Connectors map and honor any system security model, while multi-threading enables lightning-fast indexing and unlimited scalability.
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