TotalView Applications
Empower Your People with Dynamic and Comprehensive Views
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TotalView Apps help you unify disparate data silos to uncover insights from your intellectual property

Packaged Applications

TotalView for Customer Service This application helps agents find important customer information from multiple data silos instantly. It lets them bridge relevant product knowledge base articles, customer cases, e-mail activity, and purchase history to help customer service agents improve response times, first-call resolution rates, and customer satisfaction. Managers have a holistic dashboard view of all customer and team operations data, helping them respond to individual tasks instantly and see trends that can improve business processes.
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TotalView for Sales This application helps sales representatives spend less time looking for information to stay updated on the latest marketing materials and industry information. TotalView for Sales provides a holistic view of existing and potential customer information located across various CRM, billing, e-mail and document management systems. This allows sales representatives to grow the bottom line without wasting precious selling time or having to reinvent the wheel by enhancing the visibility of preexisting marketing, product development and support programs.
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TotalView for Law Firms This application empowers your attorneys and legal experts with unified client and matter-centric search across your firm's document management, records management, billing, practice management, CRM and accounting systems. TotalView for Law Firms provides instant previews of all search result items, regardless of file type or location. It also allows you to easily search for experts on relevant content and billing history of the individuals.
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Custom Enterprise Applications

  One Platform. Many Applications. TotalView search applications are assembled on top of BA Insight's agile information integration platform and are empowered by BA Insight's award-winning Advanced Search Technology, a collection of visual presentation, metadata enrichment, and enterprise system connector products. Leveraging Microsoft SharePoint and FAST, these composite applications that can be rapidly configured and deployed for various roles and projects.

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