TotalView for Sales
Accelerate Sales Cycles by Empowering Your Representatives
with a 360-degree View of All Customer Information
Provide sales representatives with a holistic view of Customers and Prospects to improve conversion rates and close business faster
Closing deals in today's fast-paced business environment requires sales professionals to be more nimble and customer-focused than ever. This can be challenging when the information they need to close a deal is spread across multiple systems, not only slowing down sales cycles but also leading to potentially costly errors.

TotalView for Sales helps provide sales representatives with a secure, 360-degree view of a customer, unifying the broad range of information they need to be successful, including customer history, current price lists and discount schedules, purchase order details and contact information. Arming sales teams with accurate information as soon as they need it helps advance opportunities to the next stage of the sales cycle quicker. With TotalView, your sales representatives will spend less time looking for information and more time selling.

TotalView for Sales can accelerate sales cycles, improve conversion rates, and help eliminate costly errors that can destroy deals.
Features and Benefits
  • Unified view, search-based application allows sales professionals to gain actionable insights and come to a resolution by instantly accessing all information through a single screen rather than navigating among multiple applications and screens.

  • Role-based interface allows users to access appropriate information according to their title or function. For example, managers have access to team performance resources and dashboards, while sales representatives have access to only relevant activities. Administrators can easily customize permissions.

  • Connecting to product information, billing, CRM/opportunity management, knowledge base and other relevant systems provides instant access to the most contextually relevant information, including price lists and sales process checklists, related to a specific sales opportunity context.

  • Advanced expertise search enables access to the most relevant and skilled professionals to help leverage the collective knowledge of the organization to respond to customer inquiries or compile an effective sales prospect nurturing toolkit for representatives.

  • Sales managers can gain a holistic view of all customers and sales team operations, allowing them to uncover trends, patterns and improve business processes and respond to individual tasks instantly.

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