TotalView for Law Firms
Empower Legal Professionals with Unified Client and Matter-Centric Dashboards and Search
Empower your legal experts with unified search across all systems including document management, billing, practice management, e-mail, and CRM
Legal professionals deal with an incredible amount of information from a multitude of different sources on a daily basis. To prepare for a given matter, a lawyer might need to access legal memoranda residing in a document management system, gather client and billing information from a practice management and CRM application, review e-mails and gather information about a particular jurisdiction or precedent by accessing a service like West km or LexisNexis, or an internal know-how system. Traditionally, this would require independently searching across many different systems, but this process is now streamlined with BA Insight.

TotalView for Legal is
a search-based, composite and contextual application that gives you a single view of all of your firm's document management, records management, billing, CRM and accounting systems. It provides a cost-effective, fully integrated, matter-centric dashboard, a single search interface, and actionable search results that considerably reduce time and effort required to gather needed information.

Leading law firms around the world take advantage of BA Insight's unified search experience.
Features and Benefits
  • Maximize ROI and extend the value of your line of business applications, including DMS, CRM, billing, and experience and matter management systems.

  • Provide your team with a single, unified dashboard, such as a complete matter overview, for accessing all information, both structured and unstructured, and regardless of where this information resides.

  • Locate subject matter experts across the firm in seconds.

  • Get instant previews of all search result items, with full hit-highlighting and dynamic hit-mapping, for fast and efficient relevance assessment of search results.

  • Honor all existing security protocols, permissions and identity management systems to ensure only authorized content is accessed.

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