TotalView for Customer Service
Reduce Resolution Time and Increase FCR by Empowering Your Representatives with a 360-degree View of All Customer Information
Increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs by empowering agents with a single view of all customer activities and records
Delivering high-quality customer service requires the ability to respond to customer inquiries and resolve issues as quickly as possible. This is difficult when critical information about the customer resides in multiple systems and customer service representatives cannot instantly retrieve it. Information access inefficiencies put a tight constraint on an organization's ability to be responsive to customers and competitive with industry peers.

TotalView for Customer Service is a 360-degree view application that helps agents find customer information strewn across various data silos instantly. It lets them bridge relevant product knowledge base articles, customer cases, email activity, and purchase history - to help customer service agents improve response times, first-call resolution rates, and customer satisfaction. Managers have a holistic dashboard view of all customer and team operations data, helping them respond to individual tasks instantly and see trends that can improve business processes.

TotalView for Customer Service can dramatically increase the efficiency of your agents, your first-call resolution rate and, ultimately, overall customer satisfaction with your organization.
Features and Benefits
  • Unified view, search-based application allows agents to gain actionable insights and come to a resolution by instantly accessing all information through a single screen rather than navigating among multiple applications and screens.

  • Role-based interface allows users to access appropriate information according to their title or function. For example, managers have access to team performance resources and dashboards, while agents have access to only relevant activities. Administrators can easily customize permissions.

  • Connecting to product information, billing, CRM, knowledgebase and other relevant systems provides instant access to the most contextually relevant information regarding a customer's issue.

  • Advanced expertise search enables access to the most relevant and skilled professionals, based on their case resolution history and other fact-based automatic expertise profiling input, to help leverage the collective knowledge of the organization to respond to customer inquiries or compile an effective knowledgebase for agents.

  • Customer Support executives can gain a holistic view of all customers and team operations, allowing them to uncover trends, patterns and improve business processes and respond to individual tasks instantly.

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