Longitude AutoClassifier
For Microsoft SharePoint and FAST Search
Automatically capture insights from Enterprise information while removing the burden of manually tagging documents
Features and Benefits Include:
  • Automatically apply metadata to documents upon upload into SharePoint or during indexing of external content stores, for optimal content organization.
  • Centrally & easily manage complex taxonomies customized to your company's needs.
  • Leverage pattern-based extraction to identify valuable information within content.
  • Enhance findability of content and enable taxonomy-driven navigation and filtering of search results.
  • Accelerate productivity leveraging automated workflows based upon content classifications.
  • Ensure proactive compliance leveraging highly-customizable taxonomies and rule-sets.
  • Enforce complex retention policies to all enterprise information with automated tagging.
  • Enable granular, content-appropriate retention and data protection policies based on organized content classification schemas.
Longitude AutoClassifier is an automated document tagging, taxonomy management, and metadata enrichment solution fully integrated with SharePoint MMS

Metadata is the driving force in finding information across the enterprise. It enables users to quickly identify, reuse, and connect valuable content. Automated classification of content uploaded directly into SharePoint, as well as from integrated systems, improves findability, drives productivity, and mitigates instances of content re-creation.

The Longitude AutoClassifier transforms what has traditionally been a user-dependent, time consuming, and error-prone process into an intelligent, consistent, and transparent business process. Leveraging the powerful capabilities of SharePoint's native Term Store and Managed Metadata Service, and deployed as a SharePoint Application Service, Longitude AutoClassifier makes true content governance a reality without burdening your Farm administrators and your team.
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