BA Insight Software Products
BA Insight software products help organizations leverage the full power of Microsoft SharePoint & FAST Search across the Enterprise. Companies that deploy our Advanced Search Technology dramatically improve knowledge workers' search experience, and reduce the time they spend looking for information by an average of 50%.
Instant Previews & Actionability of Search Results Optimizes Users Experience
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Longitude Search for SharePoint and FAST
Longitude Search optimizes the enterprise search experience by making search results both insightful and actionable. With Longitude's patented Search technology, every search result – regardless of its type, format, or location – can be instantly previewed, internally searched without the need to download the file, and analyzed for relevancy leveraging a number of intuitive data visualization tools.
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Unified View of Information, Targeted to a Specific Job Role
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TotalView Applications
TotalView is a new class of search-based, composite applications that empower knowledge workers to quickly and securely access the information they need from across all various systems and data streams of the Enterprise. Leveraging our flexible and modular Agile Information Integration platform and the best-in-class search infrastructure within Microsoft SharePoint and FAST, IT teams can quickly configure TotalView applications to deliver a holistic, unified view of information for a particular role, responsibility, or task.
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Securely Extend SharePoint and FAST Search to 30+ Enterprise Systems
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Longitude Connectors
Longitude Connectors securely integrate over thirty enterprise systems into Microsoft SharePoint and FAST Search, providing knowledge workers with a single engine to locate relevant information, people, and expertise across the enterprise, wherever they reside. With rapid and cost-effective out-of-the-box deployment, comprehensive security-mapping and full Active Directory integration, Longitude Connectors provide organizations the ability to deliver a unified search experience across all enterprise systems, including CRM systems, ERP systems, ECM systems, and Email and Archiving Systems, and more.
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Automated Content Tagging Enhances Findability and Compliance Readiness
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Longitude AutoClassifier for SharePoint 2010 and FAST
Longitude AutoClassifier automatically captures insights from enterprise information while removing the burden of manually tagging documents. It is an automated document tagging, taxonomy management, and metadata enrichment solution fully integrated with SharePoint 2010 Managed Metadata Service.
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Extending Unified Search to the Four Corners of Your Global Enterprise
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Longitude Federator for SharePoint, FAST and FAST ESP
Longitude Federator provides a search solution to global companies who wish to securely surface content in remote locations without indexing it. It is the only federation tool in the marketplace that unifies the search results from multiple SharePoint Search, FAST Search for SharePoint and FAST ESP servers into a single unified view of data from all divisions and locations across your organization.
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